6.4 Major Assignment 1 [MA1]

By this stage in the course you should have a firm grasp on the theoretical foundations of sunless tanning, and, following the practical activities in Module 6, should be well on your way to mastering your use of the Tan Lite 32000 Spray Tanning Machine. Congratulations! You should be both proud of your progress to date and beginning to feel like a professional spray tanning technician in the making.

It is now time to submit your work and be provided with some feedback on your practical skills. In this assessment, you will be required to:

Part 1: perform a spray tan on two (2) models of your choosing. We recommend selecting models of varying skin types and body shapes, however appreciate this may be difficult for some students. There is therefore no hard requirement on your model selection, we’d just like to see two examples of your spray tanning technique;

Part 2: perform an event tan of your choosing (i.e. Runway/photoshoot, beauty pageant or a fitness competition) on one (1) model. If you intend on utilising one of the two models chosen for part one of this assignment, please perform your event tan first and have them thoroughly wash their apply-and-wear CocoTan Stage Finish off before commencing your spray tan.

In this assignment, your assessor will be looking to see that you have:

  1. Provided your client with the correct pre-tan advice
  2. Remembered to tan ‘hidden areas’ first;
  3. Adhered to the three C’s of tanning
  4. Avoided getting tan where you shouldn’t!
  5. When event tanning, provided a perfectly even colour over the whole body

To ensure that we can provide you with tailored feedback, you will need to photograph and submit your work. For each spray tanning model (parts 1 and 2 of the assignment), we will require a total of four (4) images of various body parts that will provide your assessor with adequate visual evidence of your work. For the event tanning component (part 3 of the assignment), we will require a set of three (3) images.

Examples of the images we require are as follows:

IMAGE 1: Front of arms and stomach
IMAGE 2: Back and back of arms

IMAGE 3: Front of legs, knee to ankle
IMAGE 4: Palms of hands

Part 2: Event Tan

IMAGE 1: Front of body
IMAGE 2: Side of body
IMAGE 3: Back of body

A note on model photography: you are NOT required to have your models wear a minimal bikini as in the above images. While having as much skin exposed as possible will allow your assessor to better evaluate your training progress, your model may wear whatever they are comfortable in for these photos.

Completing your assignment

To submit this assignment, please complete all three (3) parts of the below assessment form.

Good luck!

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