2.2 Current trends

The lash industry is always evolving, and there are new techniques, products and styles that are continually being introduced. As a professional lash technician, it is essential that you are aware of and incorporate the latest fashion trends, styles and products in your service offerings!

The ‘classic lash’ technique is the bread and butter for any lash technician, and it involves bonding each lash extension to one natural lash. In 2017, a new lash application technique, the ‘Russian Volume technique’, revolutionised the industry, and this trend opened up a whole new world for the way we apply lashes and the sorts of looks that can be achieved. Lash technicians who do not keep up to date with the trends will quickly see themselves and their sales fall behind the competition!

In this course, we will look at a range of techniques, products and styles that will ensure you can confidently provide your services in line with the latest industry trends. No-one has a crystal ball, and much like any trend in fashion, some are short-lived, and others stand the test of time! The table below provides a snapshot of current trends that are likely to be the focus for the next few years:

Hybrid lashesIn addition to volume lashes, a trend that is here to stay is the use of hybrid lashes. This technique uses a combination of volume and classic lash application to produce a fuller look while appearing more natural than a full volume set.
Coloured lashesFor clients with big personalities or for those who want a bold look, coloured lashes will be the way to go. With increased popularity for bold eye makeup looks, coloured lashes are being embraced by fashionistas outside of the catwalk!
EmbellishmentsGlitter and diamond lashes are becoming an increasingly popular option for clients who want to add a bit of shimmer or bling to their look. Many suppliers stock these read-made art lashes and there are new styles, colours and options being launched regularly.
Wet-look lashesIt started with wet-look hair, then it became dewy and glossy skin, now the trend is moving toward wet-look lashes. The wet lash look is created by using narrow, almost closed volume fans (volume technique) while resembling a classic lash look.

In addition to the trends listed, in this course, you will have full access to the textured classic lash application technique, which is exclusive to AestheticsED! You will learn about the textured classic lash in more detail later in this course.

Much like the evolution of application techniques and styles, the tools and products we use are also continually evolving. Nowadays, there are numerous styles of tweezers, micro-tapes, eye pads, adhesives, and lash types to help us to be more efficient with our time  – there are even lash map stickers for specific lash styles available for purchase! Given the industry is continually evolving, you can keep up to date by:

  • Conducting research online
  • Attending industry events
  • Networking
  • Attending professional development workshops and training sessions

Another excellent way to keep up to date and to test your skills is to enter lash competitions! There are numerous competitions in Australia and globally that lash technicians enter to compete at a professional level. Whether competing or attending these competitions, you are guaranteed to be exposed to the latest trends, techniques and products available.

To learn more about previous competitions that have been held and to better understand the sorts of skills and techniques you can showcase, click on the links provided:

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