8.2 Next steps

So, where to from here?

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to progress into a career in beauty, you may find yourself wondering so, what now? Where to from here?

The answer to that question will be different for everyone depending on your individual circumstances (i.e. financial situation, family commitments, current employment obligations). However, in terms of putting your new set of skills to practice, there are effectively three options open to you right now.

Option 1: seek employment in an established salon

The first option open to you is to seek employment in an established beauty or lash salon. The beauty industry is currently booming, and you will find plenty of job advertisements seeking junior lash technicians in a salon or beauty bar.

The pros and cons of gaining employment with an established salon include:

– You will (most likely) have contact with senior/experienced lash technicians who can provide you with advice and assist with your ongoing development as you gain experience
– The name/reputation of the established salon will help to build your own personal database
– Income security
– Zero financial risk taken on by you
– You will be required to conduct consultations and provide services according to someone else’s policies and procedures
– Clients you build a rapport with may stay loyal to the brand/salon if you choose to move on, and not you
– Less flexibility regarding working hours/taking time off
– Capped income

The first step in gaining employment is to put together a killer resume or CV. There are literally thousands of examples online, so jump on Google and find one that works for you and amend to reflect you and your skills and experience. Of course, don’t forget to list your Certificate in Advanced Lash Lift & Tint at the top of your education section!

Generally, the final section of any resume will be a list of referees or contacts that potential employers may choose to contact to verify the content of your resume. At AestheticsED, our support does not cease once you complete your course; we want to see you progress into the beauty industry! To that end, feel free to list us as a referee in your resume, using the below details:

Lash Course Facilitator
0800 688 000
[email protected]

Once you have your resume together, it’s time to start applying for jobs! Start with the most prominent online employment sites:

If you do not find anything suitable online, your local newspaper will have an employment section. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to door knock local salons and enquire in person! Most employers will appreciate the enthusiasm displayed by this approach, as it can speed up the recruitment process considerably (it saves them posting an ad and conducting an interview). If you choose to approach businesses in person, it goes without saying, ensure you are well presented and impeccably dressed; and, of course, make sure your lashes are on point!

Option 2: start your own beauty small business

If choosing your own hours, having uncapped earning potential and absolute control over how you conduct your services is more attractive to you, you may be better suited to starting your own beauty small business.

The pros and cons of starting up a beauty business include:

– Free to choose your working hours and time off
– Complete control over how you conduct consultations and provide your services
– You will be building a database that will stay loyal to you
– Uncapped earning potential
– Financial risk associated with start up costs
– You are responsible for attracting your own clients
– No clients, no revenue

As you can see, as with any life decision, starting your own business has pros and cons. You have to decide for yourself whether the benefits of starting your own business (complete flexibility and uncapped earning potential) outweigh the risks. This can be a daunting decision to make, and that is why we strongly encourage you to speak with a financial professional to discuss your personal circumstances and concerns. An accounting firm is the best place to start when seeking professional advice about starting up a business.

AestheticsED has partnered with one of the most trusted accounting firms in New Zealand, Sumich & Associates Limited . They are happy to assist any of our graduates by providing you with a complimentary 30 minute phone call to discuss what is required to start a small business, and whether this is suitable to your personal circumstances. You can contact them via any of the methods below:

021 927-100
[email protected]

Alternatively, if you feel confident you can carry out the steps required to start a small business yourself, head to the below link which will take you through a step-by-step guide of what you need to do:

Once again, if you are choosing to start up your own makeup business, we highly recommend you seek advice from both financial experts as well as small business owners (preferably in the beauty industry, but not essential)

Option 3: continue your beauty education and training

The final option available to you is to further up-skill yourself by undertaking another AestheticsED course. Regardless of which of the above options you choose, equipping yourself with a second (or more!) skillset in the beauty industry will significantly increase both your employability (should you choose option 1) and your ability to generate income (should you choose option 2).

Of note, if you choose to undertake further training with us, you will get significant discounts on additional courses. If you would like to discuss undertaking further training at a discounted cost, speak with a Course Consultant on 0800 688 000 or via [email protected].

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