8.1 Congratulations on completing your course

If you are reading this, a review of your LMS progression, and quiz and assessment results, has been conducted and you have successfully met all theoretical and practical requisites for the course. CONGRATULATIONS! Self-paced study is not easy and you have shown enormous dedication and resolve to finish your online brow shape and tint training.

While your Certificate in Advanced Brow Shape & Tint has equipped you with thorough knowledge of all aspects of, and a wide range of skills in, the brow artistry field, now is not the time to stop learning! Becoming a Pro Brow Technician does not happen overnight, it takes hours upon hours and dozens of sets to achieve. So practice, practice, practice!

We also strongly encourage you to continue learning about new and emerging trends in the brow space. Follow your favourite brow technicians on social media and keep abreast of what they are doing. And don’t be afraid to experiment with your own unique styles and techniques from time to time. Brow artistry is just that, a form of art, and as an artist you need to let your creativity shine through!

In the next lesson, we’ll discuss where to from here…

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