6.6 Finishing your services

The final part of the brow enhancement process is to finish off the brows and reduce redness. To do this, highlight your brow using contour, and fill in any gaps using your brow pencil.

Let’s look at how our expert does finishing touches on a client:

Once you have completed the final touches, it’s time to take your after shots. This is a time to truly appreciate your masterpiece and give yourself a pat on the back! Of course, once complete, ensure that your client is satisfied with the outcome and if they have any requests (e.g. a few more hairs removing or a darker colour), then fix accordingly.

Practical Exercise

With this being your final lesson in the skills hub, you are now ready to conduct a complete brow service end to end, utilising all the techniques you have learnt! Find a friend or family member and conduct a complete brow service, including:

  1. Prep the brows and skin for a brow service
  2. Map the brows
  3. Complete the initial steps of your brow lamination service, which are:
    – Apply brow glue
    – Apply and remove brow lamination step 1, perming solution
    – Apply and remove brow lamination step 2, setting solution
  4. Apply tint to colour the brows
  5. Shape the brows using either a hot wax or tweezer end to end method
  6. Apply brow lamination step 3, keratin treatment
  7. Finish your service by contouring and filling the brows
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