6.6 Finishing touches

The final part of the makeup application sequence are the finishing touches. Once you have completed your makeup look, step away from your client and view the face from different angles. This will help you to identify any areas that are not symmetrical, or you may even see parts of the application that need more product, less product or more blending.

As you learned previously, if you are using wet products (liquid foundation and creams), you will use a finishing spray to set the face. If you are using powder products, then it is best to use a finishing powder. It is important that you understand the difference between ‘setting’ and ‘finishing’ products because there is a difference.

When you are performing your finishing touches, be sure to:

  1. Check everything is blended, particularly around the jaw, nose and hairline
  2. Double-check there is no eyeshadow fallout or speckles of mascara on the cheeks or undereye area
  3. Touch up any foundation or concealer which may have transferred during the application
  4. Look at the face at every angle
  5. Look at the makeup in different lighting if possible and make adjustments as needed
  6. Apply finishing powder or finishing spray

Once these steps are complete, you will be ready to show all of your hard work to your client. Be sure to have a face mirror handy so that your client can inspect it closely. Your client will no doubt be super impressed, but if for any reason they are not, make sure you fix up any areas they are not happy with. No one is perfect, so there will be times where you might need to fix a few things because your client doesn’t totally love their look.

There are lots of simple fixes, such as adding another hue of lipstick on top, adding a bit more foundation for more coverage or subduing a dark contour. Other fixes may require a full re-application, so be sure that you do effective consultations with your clients before you commence! We will look at client consultation in more detail later.

To learn more about finishing touches, access the resources linked:

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