6.5 Major Assignment 1 [MA1]

Once you have viewed all of the video tutorials (we recommend multiple times!) and completed the practical activity in Module 6, AND you are feeling confident in all aspects of the lash lift and tint process, you may move on and complete your Major Assignment [MA1]. This assignment is your only summative assessment for this course, and will be graded and returned to you with personalised feedback.

You must achieve a pass/competent mark in this assessment to complete the course and be awarded your Certificate of Completion. If you are assessed as ‘not yet competent’, you will be provided with feedback and guidance and asked to resubmit your assignment. You may attempt this assignment as many times as is required to achieve a pass/competent mark.

Major Assignment Outline

Your major assignment requires you to conduct a full lash lift and tint service on one (1) model. Don’t forget to complete all steps in the treatment process, as your Course Facilitator will be able to easily identify any steps or processes that have been missed when they assess your work.

To ensure that we can provide you with tailored feedback, you will need to photograph your work. You are required to take a series of eight (8) photos in total and embed them into the assignment template (download link below). You must take four (4) photos of your model BEFORE you commence your work, and then four (4) photos in the exact same positions AFTER you complete your service in full, so that your Course Facilitator can compare your work with how the lashes looked before you started.

Examples of the images we require and the applicable angles are as follows:

IMAGE 1: Left eye side on
IMAGE 2: Right eye side on
IMAGE 3: Look down
IMAGE 4: Overhead eyes open

Please ensure that your photos are taken with good lighting, your camera lens is clean and your hand is completely still when taking your photos (to avoid motion blur). Also, please be sure to include all of the above angles to allow your Course Facilitator to assess your work in full. Remember, we require the above photos to be taken twice, once before your treatment and once after, for a total of eight (8) photos.

Completing your assignment

To help you structure your assignment submission, please download and complete the below template.

Assignment template

Uploading your assignment

Once you have completed each section of the assignment, complete the following steps:

  1. Review your submission to ensure your client assessments are completed (Part 1) and your before and after photos (Parts 2&3) are clear and not blurred;
  2. Save your assignment document and make a copy. Name it [Your Name]_MA1_Lash-lift-and-tint-assignment_submission1 (if your first attempt, submission2 if your second etc.).

Upload your completed submission via the assignment portal, below:

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