6.4 Hair removal

With the brows coloured, you can begin removing unwanted hair. Start with hot wax, and then use your tweezers to remove any stubborn stray hairs or to further define the brow shape.

Let’s take a look at how our expert removes hair to create a stunning brow shape:

While using tweezers might seem like a basic skill, having the correct grip and angle to remove hairs will help to ensure that you do not hurt your clients and so that you can remove hairs quickly and safely. As you begin your first hair removal services, always remember to take your time. The more you do, the quicker you will get. While you are learning, symmetry and safety are more important than speed.

Practical Exercise

  • Now that you have seen and practiced all the required steps to colour and shape a brow, it is time to practice on a model! When selecting your model, be sure they are able to provide you with enough time for you to take your time completing the below techniques. It may take you an hour, it may take you three, time is not important at this point in your training. The important thing is that you take the time you need to cover all steps without feeling rushed!

    Find at least one friend or family member and conduct a brow service utilising all of the techniques you have learned so far:
  1. Prep the brows and skin for a brow service
  2. Map the brows
  3. Apply tint or henna brow to colour the brows
  4. Shape the brows using either a hot wax or tweezer end to end method
  • If you can find a second model to practice on, conduct this exercise again and use an alternative brow colouring and hair removal technique to the first model.
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