6.4 Finishing off your service

The final component to a lash lift and tint treatment is applying the nourishing serum (Keratin treatment) and completing any finishing touches. Before your client sees the final result, make sure that there is absolutely no product left on the lashes and give them a brush with a mascara wand. If you are taking after photos, some clients might be a little self-conscious if they have no makeup on, so you may need to do a light makeup application, such as a bit of concealer or some highlight/contour. You will not be putting any makeup on the eye area – and why would you need to? The client’s eyes should look striking and beautiful all on their own!

Let’s look at how our expert completes the finishing touches on a client.

Once you have completed the final touches, it’s time to take your after shots. This is a time to truly appreciate your masterpiece and give yourself a pat on the back! Of course, once complete, ensure that your client is satisfied with the outcome and if they have any requests and then fix them accordingly.

Practical Exercise

With this being your final lesson in the skills hub, you are now ready to start practicing your lash lift & tint skills! We recommend completing 2-3 lash lift & tint services on friends and family prior to attempting your Major Assignment (next lesson). Take your time and be sure to complete a full service, including:

  1. Client consultation, including completion of a Client Consultation Form
  2. Prep the eyes
  3. Select an appropriate lash lift rod size for your model
  4. Place the lash lift rod
  5. Position the lashes onto the rod
  6. Apply Step 1: Perming solution
  7. Remove Step 1 and apply Step 2: Fixing solution, then remove
  8. Tint the brows, then remove
  9. Finish your service with Step 3: Nourishing cream

Remember, try to plan to complete two (2) models in the space of 48 hours to allow you to get the most out of each sachet of step 1, 2 and 3. These must be stored in one of the airtight storage containers supplied in your kit and used within 48 hours of opening.

Happy practicing!

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