6.2 Spray tanning application

As you have learned previously, there isn’t just one way to spray a tan! As you refine and develop your skills, you will likely also develop your own preferences for directing your client’s stance and for applying a tanning solution. This is all part of becoming a Professional Spray Tanning Technician!

Let’s take a look at how our expert applies spray tanning product to achieve a gorgeous, even spray tan each and every time:

As you saw in the above video, to achieve an even application follow the below sequence:

  1. Hidden areas
  2. Front of body
  3. Inside of legs and crotch region
  4. Underside of arms and armpits
  5. Inside of arms
  6. Top of arms and hands
  7. Outside of body
  8. Rear of arms and body
  9. Bum crease
  10. Face (if tanning)
  11. Blend

When starting out, it can sometimes be useful to write out the steps you need to follow. Some of us learn by watching, others learn by doing, some of us need to write things down or perhaps you need to do a combination of all of those things! Because there are quite a few steps to complete, do what you need to do to ensure you don’t skip any. You don’t want to be halfway through a tan application and then realise you forgot to apply primer!

Practical Activities

Congratulations, you can now start practicing your tanning on real models!

  1. Conduct a spray tan on at least five (5) models of varying ages, skin types and body shapes. Utilise the above application technique using a suitable CocoTan product for each model, and remember to apply a coat of primer prior to each tan and stick to your three C’s!
    Treat each model as if they were a paying client, and conduct a consultation and provide the necessary pre- and post-tan advice. Try to find at least one model with a deep olive or dark undertone who is a suitable candidate for two coats, so you can practice applying a second coat. This is a skill in itself, as once you apply the first coat, the second coat will not be as noticeable when being applied.

Feel free to email pictures of your results to [email protected] and we’ll post the best images on our social media channels!

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