6.2 Lash lifting

As you have learned previously and will have seen in the many videos you have watched already, there isn’t just one way to perform lash lifts! Lash lift kits vary, and so do the tools each lash artist uses. As you refine and practise your skills, you will have your own preferences for how best to perform each colouring method and the sorts of tools and equipment that make it quick and easy for you.

Let’s take a look at how our expert creates lash lifts by breaking down each step:

You’ve now seen all of the steps required to successfully lift (or perm) a set of lashes. If you were only providing a lift service (uncommon but is sometimes requested), you would now jump straight to the steps demonstrated in Lesson 6.4 Finishing off your service. When it comes to performing a full lash lift and tint, however, it is now that we apply the tint to the lashes. Progress to the next lesson to learn all about lash tinting!

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