6.1 Using a spray gun

Whether you are using a spray gun or an airbrush system, your technique will make or break your career as a spray tanning technician. You might think it is just as simple as filling it up with the solution, pulling the trigger and spraying, but it’s not! All equipment will have different settings and requirements, so familiarising yourself with these first is the best place to start.

Tan Lite 32000 Spray Tanning Machine

Using the Tan lite 32000, you will see that there are two spray patterns to choose from – horizontal and vertical. It is important that your nozzle is set in the correct direction based on your spray tanning preference; otherwise, you will not achieve the best possible finish. In addition, there is a variable flow control dial on the handle of the Excess 3 Applicator, which allows you to adjust the volume of spray tanning mist being applied based on the type of spray application you are trying to achieve. If you want a light coat, you will use a lower number; or if a darker colour is desired, a higher number. Take the time to familiarise yourself with all of the settings and adjustments on your equipment. As you can see in the diagram below, this information is in your equipment manual:

Watch the below video tutorial to learn all about the Tan Lite 32000 Spray Tanning Machine, and how to assemble it ready for use:

Practical Activities

  1. A thorough knowledge of the equipment you use is imperative for any professional Spray Tanning Technician. Download (link below activities) and read the Tan Lite 32000 Operation Manual and become familiar with all the components, setup and operation instructions, and maintenance advice for your new spray tanning machine.
  2. As a Professional Spray Tanning Technician, you will likely be required to take your skills on the road and perform mobile spray tans. Practice assembling and disassembling your Tan Lite 32000 Spray Tanning Machine so you become proficient at the task.
    You may like to go on a shopping expedition and find some storage containers or heavy-duty portable travel cases to transport your tanning products and disposables in. We recommend purchasing black transport containers, as invariably you will get tanning product on these and light coloured containers will become dirty and stained very quickly!
  3. Set up your Tan Lite 32000 Spray Tanning Machine and fill a product cup with water. Find a porous, vertical surface outdoors (i.e. a concrete/brick wall in close proximity to a power point) and practice using your tanning machine. Experiment with the two spray tanning patterns (horizontal and vertical) and also the solution flow control dial on the Excess 3 Applicator to get a feel for these settings. Use your gun to spray water onto the surface and develop a feel for the spray tan ‘stroke’ remembering and practicing the three C’s (constant speed, constant distance and constant direction)!

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