6.1 Client Preparation

The first part of creating gorgeous-looking lashes is getting the preparation right! When your clients book their appointments, ask that they arrive at their appointments with clean lashes and makeup-free.

At the start of each day, you should allocate sufficient time to set up your treatment area for all of your appointments. When making bookings, always allow enough time in between clients so that you can clean and restock between each service.

With your workstation set up like a pro, you are now ready to start your lash services. Once your client arrives, you will have a thorough consultation to determine their lash needs, discuss contraindications and contractions and determine the desired look. Document the outcomes of the discussion on a client consultation form similar to the one you saw in the underpinning knowledge module.

Once you have your game plan (professionally known as a treatment plan) sorted, the first step is to prepare your client for that perfect lash experience. Watch the video linked to see how our expert prepares a client’s eye area for a lash lift and tint treatment.

Once the clients’ skin is prepped, it is always a good idea to take before photos. Taking before photos can easily be done using a smartphone with a ring light, or you might like to invest in some proper camera gear. Before you take photos, always ask your client if it is ok to do so. If you plan on sharing the results on social media or using them on your website, explicit client permission is a must!

To learn more about tips and tricks for taking awesome photos, watch the videos linked:

If you would like to learn more about allergic reactions and sensitivities caused by lash lifts and tints, read the following articles:

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