5.2 Workplace health and safety basics

Whether you are working for yourself or for someone else, workplace health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. In Australia, there is specific WHS legislation in each State and Territorythatoutlinesresponsibilitiesand standardsfor safety in the workplace.All businesses must abide by these regulationsand must have policies, procedures and systems in place to support requirements.

Everyone in the workplace must play their part to ensure our workplaces are safe. This means that as a lash artist, you have a duty of care to your clients, your colleagues and to yourself. Safe Work Australia has lots of useful information relating to safety in the workplace, and it is a resource you should become familiar with throughout your career. As a starting point, visit the following links to get an idea of the sorts of requirements that you must adhere to as a lash artist:

Safe Work Australia

Duties under WHS laws




Mental health

It is important that you keep up to date with legislation because ‘not knowing’ is not a reasonable defence.With the emergence of theglobal pandemic, the safety requirements for customer-facing services and roleshad a major overhaul with a major focus on hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation.While these focus areas have always been important tolash artists, extra measures for all businesses wereput in place.

Your specific duties in accordance with WHS legislation will vary depending on whether or not you are the business owner, a worker or if you employ staff. At a minimum, each of us, as workers, has a legal responsibility to:

⦁ Ensure our own health and safety
⦁ Ensure the health and safety of others
⦁ Comply with WHS policies and procedures
⦁ Take reasonable care to ensure acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of others
⦁ Comply with reasonable instructions

If you are not familiar with the WHS legislative framework in Australia and would like to learn more, watch the videos linked:

WHS legislation

Australian WHS Legislation Made Simple

Health and Safety Duties in Australia