4.4 Workstation and treatment area

If you are working out of a salon, your treatment area and equipment is most likely already set up for you, and the equipment you need is most likely in place. However, if you are planning on opening up a new salon, working from a room in your home, hiring a space or plan to do mobile tans, you will need to consider all of the equipment you will need. At a minimum, if you are setting up your own treatment areas, you will need the following equipment:

  • Spray gun and all attachments
  • Spray tanning tent and booth
  • Extraction system
  • Floor mats
  • Trolley or storage for products and equipment

In addition to the equipment listed, you will also need to ensure you have good lighting. Relying on natural light is no good – what happens on a rainy day? Always make sure you have sufficient lighting so that you can see what you are doing and so that the client can see what the tan will actually look like (no stage lights!).

In your treatment area, you will also want to have plenty of towels and preferably access to handwashing facilities. For client comfort, you may want a music playing device to set the ambience of the room. When setting up your space, you also want to think about décor – some indoor plants and gorgeous paintings can really make the treatment area inviting and calming.

In your workspace, you will also need to ensure you have adequate storage space for your products and equipment. Because you will be using a range of different products throughout the day, it is important that you ‘clean as you go’ and put everything back in its place. Untidy and unclean work areas are not acceptable, and your clients will not be impressed. Furthermore, unhygienic practices could close your business! Keep all of your products stored neatly and in the correct place.

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