4.2 Disposables and consumables

Where possible, we should always try and minimise waste and where there is an alternative to disposables, you should opt for that. However, in the interest of hygiene, there are certain products that will have to be single-use. In this lesson, we will look at the full range of disposables and consumables that you will use on a daily basis as a spray tanning technician.

Spray tanning solution

Quality spray tan solutions have to be the priority when you are starting out. They may cost a little more than cheaper options, but they will be much easier to work with, and your client will get a better result. Of course, we recommend the AED CocoTan professional mist range, but you will likely have a range of brands and products in your kit.

When it comes to choosing solutions, of course, you need to check out the ingredients and overall quality of the solutions. In your kit, you should also have a range of products containing various DHA percentages so that you can service a range of client skin tones and types. The table below outlines a rough guide you can use when selecting the correct product for use:

Skin typeRecommended treatment techniqueRecommended CocoTan product
Light skin types that go red in brief exposure to the sun, are prone to redness, or have sensitive skin. These skin types rarely tan or tan minimally.Apply one coat, using product sparingly. Conduct a patch test in a sensitive area if hypersensitivity is a concern.CocoTan Caramel (11% DHA)
Light to medium skin types that gain colour initially however go red with over exposure to the sun.Apply one coat, using product liberally in light or sensitive areas. Conduct a patch test in a sensitive area if hypersensitivity is a concern.CocoTan Original (13% DHA)
Olive undertone that gains gains colour easily with sun exposure.Apply one to two coats based on desired result.CocoTan Violet (14% DHA) or
CocoTan Ultra Dark (15% DHA)
Deep olive or dark undertones that tan easily.Apply one to two coats based on desired result.CocoTan Ultra Dark (15% DHA)

The table above is just a guide – every supplier will have different solutions in their range, so it is best to follow their product guidance advice. In addition to the DHA percentages, you will want to make your selections based on processing time, colour bases (if you have clients requiring specific cosmetic bronzer colours) and where the DHA has been sourced (France and Germany are preferred).

As you begin your career as a spray tanning technician, you will soon learn the products and brands that will become your trusted faithful! Some suppliers offer samples as well, so take advantage of this where you can before you spend hundreds of dollars on solutions you may not like working with.

If you are interested in the different types of solution on the market, access the products linked:

Tanning correctors

There are some suppliers who sell tanning correctors for professionals, but most of the products on the market are tan erasers for at-home use. These products come as sprays, foams, creams, oils, bath bubbles and even bath bombs!

Like all products, some will be better than others, and it all comes down to preference and whether or not the products do what they say they will. It might be good to have a couple of options in your retail product line so that your clients have a few choices in accordance with their preferences.

For clients comfort

To ensure your client is comfortable, you need to have disposable hairnets, G-strings (or other disposable clothing) and sticky feet available. Your clients may prefer to tan in their bathers, underwear or in the nude, but you should have everything they need for whatever their preference. You can purchase disposables online and from all tanning suppliers. Hairnets are pretty standard across the board, but there are loads of options for disposable underwear and sticky feet.

If you would like to learn more about what is available, check out the products linked:

Home care products (pre and post tanning)

Home care products will be a great way for your clients to get the best possible tan application, and they can also help to boost your profits. You can stock whatever home care products you like, and we recommend that you have:

  • Moisturiser and primer options
  • Body washes and scrubs
  • Tanning correctors
  • At home, gradual tanning products
  • Tanning mitts

Do your research with suppliers and practice your negotiation skills! If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so try and haggle with pricing to improve your profits. Also, take advantage of supplier samples and be sure to check out online reviews before you place any orders. It is important that you believe in what you sell; if you don’t, it will be really obvious and may cause your clients not to trust you. You must also ensure that you aren’t too pushy with your selling; if a client doesn’t want a product, then no problem!

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