3.5 The treatment plan

Have you ever heard the quote ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’? This sentiment rings true as a brow artist because there are so many factors you need to consider when creating perfect brows. As you have already learned, the shape of your clients face, eyes, and brows will have a large influence on the shape of the brow. Factors such as skin type, age and contraindications will impact the hair removal technique that you will need to use.

Effective consultation with your client is the most crucial part of determining the type of brow service you will perform. Most clients will usually have a specific style or look that they want to achieve in mind. Using the knowledge you have learned in this module, you will now be more equipped to confidently explain why you recommend certain looks that will be the best for them in terms of the look they are trying to achieve and the practicalities underpinning this decision. When determining the most appropriate brow shape and colour, at a minimum, you need to consider the clients:

  • Skin type, tone and undertone
  • Face, eye and brow shape
  • Desired look
  • Budget
  • Contra-actions and contraindications

You must use your expertise and experience to help guide your client into selecting a realistic option. Managing your clients’ expectations in the initial consultation will prevent any disappointment and will also ensure that you maintain your professional integrity. Going against what is realistic and practical to appease your client may hurt them and your reputation in the long run! For example, if you have a client who really wants her brows to use both henna and brow lamination, it may not be the best option because a reaction would be highly likely! Similarly, if a client wants to wax all their hair off for a super-thin brow – maybe suggest brow bleaching or lightening as a way to soften their look as an option instead. While people want to be trendy, your clients will be guided by you in terms of what will look best for their specific event and for years to come, so you will need to use your professional judgement.

As you build your client base and perform a full range of looks and applications, it is an excellent idea to take before and after photos as a point of reference for you and to create a portfolio of examples for clients. As you will learn in this module, there are so many brow looks that you can achieve, and this can sometimes be difficult to explain to clients verbally. Having visual examples to reference, even including a comparison between different looks (straight brows, soft angles brows, round brows, laminated brows, and henna brows), can help you work with your client to determine and explain which style will be most suitable. You might even divide your portfolio into specific face shapes, eye shapes or brow enhancement options for ease of reference. You will learn more about how to conduct effective client consultations at the end of this course.

For now, you may like to download the client consultation form to gain an understanding of the types of questions you will need to address prior to conducting any treatment.

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