2.2 Difference between lash perms and lifts

The terms ‘lash perm’ and ‘lash lift’ are used for marketing the lash enhancement process. Some lash artists think they are the same, but there are differences. Lash perms are an older style process where the perming solution is applied to the entire lash, and the lashes are curled around a cylinder-shaped rod. Lash perming can create beautiful lash curls that are usually an ‘L shape’ curl, but often clients feel that their lashes appear shorter as the curl is strong, but it doesn’t lift the lash. Here are some visual differences:

Lash perm
Lash lift
Lash perm rod
Lash lift rod

Lash lifts are very similar to lash perms, except you have more control over the type of curl you want to achieve as you are lifting from the base of the lashes onto the rod or shield. As you can see in the examples, a lash perm sort of curls right back, whereas a lash lift curves in an upward direction, adding length.

There are a wide variety of rods and shields on the market, so you are able to create a range of lifted looks. The chemicals used for a perm tend to be harsher than the ones used in most lifting solutions, and you might see people using cling wrap or plastic to process the chemical as this generates more heat. With lash lift solutions they generally process at room temperature and which means they can be less damaging to lashes overall.

While you could technically achieve similar looks depending on the types of rods you use, here are the key differences between lash perms and lash lifts so that you can educate your clients:

Lash PermLash lift
The perming solution is applied to the entire lashLifting cream from root to 1/3 of the way up the lash for a lift and a maximum of 1/2 way up for a lift and slight curl
Cylindrical rods usedSilicone shields and rods with more of a curve
Can be a quicker applicationIt can take a little longer to do than perms
One size fits all curlA range of curl types can be achieved
Usually, use cling film/plastic wrap for processing

Both lash perms and lash lifts are completely safe, so long as the lash artist uses quality products and the correct techniques. In this course, you will be learning how to do lash lifts.

If you want to learn more about the differences so you can explain them to your clients, you can read the articles below:

As you saw in the videos, lash perms have morphed into lash lifts with advancements in tools (rods, shields and lash isolators) and with solutions. You will also have noticed differences in where lash artists place the perm/lift solution and how they apply the lashes to the rods and shields. You will learn about best practice techniques in the next module, and you will get to see our expert perform #onfleek lash services in the skills hub module!

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