2.2 Current trends

Over the years, manufacturers of tanning solutions have refined their products and ingredients to combat the colour and streak issues and have developed a whole range of products people can use at home or for use in a salon environment. Tanning products and equipment continue to improve, as do tanning techniques.

Did you know: Mid 20th Century marked the beginnings of bronzer! Companies like Max Factor brought beige-to brown-tinted powders on the MGM film lot, followed by FOX borrowing this bronzer frenzy on the set of its 1963 classic Cleopatra. Thanks to a liberal application of bronzing powder, Elizabeth Taylor will forever be remembered as the original beautifully bronzed Queen of the Nile!

In this course, we will look at a range of techniques, products and equipment that will ensure you can confidently provide your tanning services in line with the latest industry trends. No one has a crystal ball, and much like any trend in fashion, some are short-lived, and others stand the test of time – much like the need to never be orange again! The table below provides a snapshot of current trends that are likely to be the focus for the next few years:

Body contouring or ‘tan touring’Body contouring using sunless tanning solutions is becoming very popular, especially for clients who are participants in body building competitions. With skilled strokes, a spray tanning technician can create contours that can clearly define bones, muscles and limbs to draw attention to give a more chilled look.

Customised colours
Rather than having a ‘one size fit all’ tanning solution, technicians these days have the option to select specific colours for a clients skin tone. Customised bronzed glows are increasing in popularity as our clients will have specific needs and varying skin tones and types. Customising colours only applies to the top layer bronzing components, not the DHA component.
Processing timesGone are the days of waiting 24 to 48 hours for your tan to develop! Many products on the market can be washed off after 1, 2 or 4 hours, which is excellent for people with busy lives who need their tan quickly.
Growing demand for natural and organic productsMuch like the awareness of the harm over exposure to the sun can cause, many of our clients are wanting to use better quality ingredients in products. In turn, there has been a rising demand for products to include natural, organic and vitamin-rich ingredients. A lot of manufacturers are choosing to use higher grade eco-certified DHA, as well as looking at developing DHA free products.
The fashion freckle tanFaux freckles are a trend that seems to come and go over the years. In the London Fashion Week in 2014, faux freckles featured, and they re-surged at New York fashion week at Jason Wu’s Spring/Summer 2021 show. Faux freckles can be created using makeup or using sunless tanning solutions.

Cocotan Professional Spray Tan Mist (exclusive to AestheticsED)

In addition to the trends listed, in this course, you will have full access to the AED’s Cocotan pro mist solution, which is exclusive to AestheticsED! This tanning solution is enriched with natural coconut extract, and is specially formulated to deliver rapid, streak-free results while restoring hydration and revitalising dry skin. It possesses a weightless formula that absorbs quickly to lock in moisture and deliver a rich, deep brown tan. Cocotan is also supercharged with antioxidants and natural botanicals, and delivers powerful anti-aging benefits when to the entire body.

Some other features of your AED’s exclusive pro tanning mist, include:

  • Less than 1% transfer to clothing and bedding
  • It’s natural coconut fragrance means your clients will experience the full sunless tan experience without the nasty fake tan smell
  • It’s rapid action means your clients can shower in just one hour for a natural glow, or leave longer for a deeper colour
  • Mixed with purified naturally-obtained water
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Cruelty free
  • 100% Australian made and formulated

Much like the evolution of application techniques and styles, the tools and products we use are also continually evolving. Nowadays, there are numerous tanning solutions, spray guns, tanning booths, brushes, mitts, and after-care products to help us to be more efficient with our time and achieve the perfect tan for our clients each and every application. Keep up to date with industry changes by:

  • Conducting research online
  • Attending industry events
  • Networking
  • Attending professional development workshops and training sessions
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