Pro Starter Lash Kit

Pro Starter Lash Kit


AestheticsED’s Pro Starter Lash Kit will equip you with all the tools and products needed to hit the ground running as a Professional Lash Technician. Containing only high-quality products used by some of the best in the lash business, this kit has everything you need for all major lash extension application techniques and styles.

This kit is provided complimentary with enrolment into our Certificate in Lash Mastery, or is available for purchase by any experienced or budding Lash Tech.

Kit contents:
• 0.03 C Mixed Lash Tray
• 0.03 D Mixed Lash Tray
• 0.05 C Mixed Lash Tray
• 0.05 CC Mixed Lash Tray
• 0.07 C Mixed Lash Tray
• 0.07 D Mixed Lash Tray
• 0.15 C Mixed Lash Tray
• 0.15 D Mixed Lash Tray
• Pro Tweezer Kit
• Practice Mannequin Head
• 2 x Practice Lashes (set of 20)
• Lash Extension Mirror
• Electric Lash Fan
• Glue Pallet
• Jade Stone
• Lash Pallet
• Cleansing Brush
• Lash Adhesive
• Glue Remover
• Lash Primer
• Lash Cleanser
• Eye Pads (pack of 50)
• Adhesive Wipes (pack of 50)
• Mascara Wands (pack of 50)
• Micro Brushes (pack of 100)
• Micropore Tape

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