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Classic, Russian volume, mega volume or hybrid? Complete our Advanced Certificate in Lash Mastery and you will never be confused by these styles again!

Comprised of in-depth theoretical lessons and easy-to-follow video tutorials and exercises, our course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to launch your very own eyelash extension application business, or secure that dream job in an established salon.

The most comprehensive lash extension course on the market, it covers the four primary application techniques of classic, Russian volume, mega volume and hybrid. Don’t be sucked into paying for a separate course for each of these styles when you can learn them all in one course!

Once enrolled in the course, you will receive a complimentary eyelash extension application kit that includes everything you will need to not only complete the course but get straight to work upon graduation.

Enrolment will also provide you with instant access to a team of supportive and passionate industry experts who have found success in their chosen field and love sharing their ways with the world!

What you’ll learn: 

  • Eyelash anatomy and shed cycles
  • Client contraindications and contra-actions
  • Environmental factors affecting eyelash extension application
  • Safety and hygiene best practices
  • Adhesive preparation and best practices
  • Classic lash extension application
  • Russian Volume extension application
  • Mega Volume extension application
  • Hybrid extension application
  • Textured Classic extension application (exclusive to AestheticsED!)
  • Infills and individual lash removal techniques
  • Client aftercare
  • Full set lash extension removal

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