6. Skills hub

In this module, it’s where the fun really starts to begin! Up until now, it has been like building a puzzle – putting all the pieces together one by one. Now that you have a thorough knowledge of all the processes, tools, products and safety requirements, you can now begin applying all that knowledge. In this module, you will practice the following lash enhancement processes:

  • Client preparation
  • Lash lifts
  • Lash tints
  • Finishing your services

When you are selecting your models, try and find a wide variety of ages, ethnicities, face shapes, lash lengths, eye shapes and lash curls. This will help to ensure that when you start taking on clients, you will have learned how to work with a range of lashes!

As you work through this module, it is important that you take your time to practice each technique before moving on to the next. If you were learning the guitar, you wouldn’t even touch the guitar pick for the first few weeks – you would learn about your instrument, how to hold it and where to position yourself first. This is exactly the same approach we use in the design of our course. Getting the basics mastered before moving on to more complex applications will help to ensure that you are doing everything correctly, efficiently, and safely. It will likely take you a few months to master lash lifts and tints. 

When you are practising your skills, remember to be patient with yourself. It can be frustrating when we are really trying to nail a new skill, but the reality is that it is unlikely we will be perfect on our first try. Daily practice will help you to remember the steps in each process, will build your muscle memory and will also help you to speed up your techniques. It is also important to remember that speed comes with experience; it is better to be a bit slower and do a thorough job than be really quick and do a dodgy job.

For each skill you will practice, we will include video demonstrations performed by our industry experts to show you the correct way to perform certain tasks. Be prepared to watch these videos a few times, and you may find yourself starting, stopping and pausing a lot. You might also find it useful to take notes as you watch each video so that you can refer back to them later. In addition to practical demonstrations, we have also developed a range of practical activities for you to complete to build your skills. We encourage you to not skip any of these practicals and to do them as many times as you need to help you become a lash lift master!

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