1. Welcome to AED

Thank you for choosing AestheticsED as yourlash artistrytraining provider! We are looking forward to beingon this learning journey with you. We understand the importance of ensuring our students receivecomprehensive training. In turn, we have designed our Certificate inLashLift and Tintcourse to include in-depth theoretical lessons and easy-to-follow video tutorials and exercises.

Upon completing this course, you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence tobe able to perform lashlifts and lash tints like a pro. Enrolment in this course provides youwith lifetime access which means you canlearn at your own pace and revisit content whenever you need it.

You are also not on this learning journey alone. We have a team oflearning advisorsand passionate industryexperts who can provide you with support, advice and guidance. There is an old saying, ‘Those who can, do;those who can’t, teach’. This is absolutely not the case with our team! Our support staff have been carefullyselected, and they have all found success in their chosen field. After all,our experts were once where youare today, so they are more than happy to share their knowledge, tips and tricks.

We look forward to working with you and wish you success on your course!

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