If you are thinking about breaking into the beauty industry or want to stay competitive by updating your skills, now is the perfect time to start your search for a new career in beauty! 

There’s no time like the present to set or re-evaluate your future goals. If you’re looking to make a career-enhancing move, a good place to start is by researching the industry to see what training options and job opportunities are available. 

The beauty industry is booming, making it the perfect time to make a strategic career move. Having experienced immense growth in Australia, data on the beauty industry revealed customers from Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia shell out close to $1,000 per year on looking and feeling gorgeous. 

Why Choose a Career in Beauty?

First of all, you’ll meet new people every day. And with a constant flow of new clients, no two days will be the same. A career in beauty is the perfect fit if you’re a people person with great communication skills who loves interacting socially. You will have the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life and build rewarding, long-term relationships.

A career in beauty also provides you with the opportunity to dedicate time to helping people look and feel their best! As they say, beauty is self-confidence and a boost in self-esteem is something you can gift your clients, whether it’s for a job interview, first date or their wedding day.

If you’ve got a creative streak, your artistic skills will flourish in this fast-paced and exciting career. You can build your own unique brand as a stylist or makeup artist and share your work on social media to inspire others and even find new clients. You will never have a day exactly like the one before, as every client will have different needs and styles. So, you’ll need to be versatile when creating your stunning makeup looks or nailing your nail art! 

One of the best things about a career in beauty is that your skills are transferable, which means you can work anywhere in the world. With some hard work and dedication, you could be just like our resident Pro MUA, Emma, who worked with Loreal in Melbourne; or our Master Lash and Brow Technician, Karla, who worked across the USA and directed beauty teams in London, Amsterdam, New York, Las Vegas and Miami. There’s no limit to where you can live and work!

What Career Options Do I Have? 

The beauty industry is booming and there are many exciting career opportunities awaiting you, especially if you’re willing to look outside the box:

  • As a Makeup Artist, you’ll be in demand for dramatic theatrical, screen and performance makeup. You might be called upon for special occasions such as bridal makeup or be asked to collaborate with artists for fashion, editorial and catwalk looks. You could also work in retail, a salon or celebrity beauty.
  • As a Spray Tanning Technician, you will have the opportunity to work in a salon or even with clients in the fitness and dance industries. You might even get the chance to work with models on the runway or in photoshoots.
  • As a Lash or Brow Technician, you could apply stunning, voluminous lashes or pefect, boss brows in a salon or as part of your mobile business.

Beauty certifications allow you to pave your own way. Whether you aspire to open your own business, work from home or rent a space within a studio, it’s totally up to you!  This can be a great option if you enjoy working independently, want to work towards financial independence or have business management experience. Working for yourself also gives you the flexibility to control your own schedule, which is great if you are juggling work with family commitments.  

Why Choose AestheticsED?

Owning your career path is essential to your success and building a fulfilling career that leaves you loving what you do. 

AestheticsED provides affordable courses designed to inspire you as a student and help you prepare for an upcoming career in the beauty industry. You’ll learn from industry experts who will help you develop skills and knowledge that will give you a cutting-edge advantage in the job market. 

Our courses are provided 100% online and are comprised of in-depth theoretical lessons and high-quality, easy-to-follow video tutorials and exercises. This gives you the opportunity to work towards your goals without sacrificing commitments, lifestyle and family obligations.

Make a fresh start in the new year by venturing outside your comfort zone and pursuing the future you have always wanted. Enquire now and start studying online at your own pace with our online beauty courses today!

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